Laura Byrne Paquet


Shopping in Chabanel

Published in Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel            

            Looking for fashion in chic Montreal? Skip the downtown boutiques and go to the source: the manufacturers and importers along Chabanel Street West, which sell to the public most Saturday mornings.
            For linens, leather goods or fabrics, try the outlets at 99 Chabanel West. Budget-minded brides and graduates head to S.B. Soirée (225 Chabanel West, Suite 605, 514-387-2328) for wedding gowns and prom dresses. Generally, quality and prices rise as you go west along the street, points out Sandra Phillips, author of Smart Shopping Montreal. By the time you reach 555 Chabanel West, you’ll be pawing through Dolce & Gabbana shirts and Timberland shoes.
            Many outlets accept cash only. Price tags are often just a starting point for bargaining. And Chabanel is no place for the shy—you may find yourself changing in a communal space behind a makeshift curtain. But isn’t immodesty a small price to pay for a deal?